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    Oh wow. I can't afford to develop for Cypress chips anymore!


       Having just been charged over £400 for the EZ-USB development kit, only to find that the compiler it comes with is cripled to 4K - which cannot even build some of the small samples included with the kit, I then find that a 12 Month license for a single seat to unlock the compiler is almost £1500


      Compare that to Microchip, who give you a free IDE, free Compilers (XC32 etc) and fabulous tech support. 


      I've not had a good experience with Cypress recently. A 'free gift' I got from them ended up costing me more in shipping an import duty that it would have done to buy it from Farnell locally - and when I emailed them to draw this to their attention I did not get a single reply.


      Then there is the per-unit cost of the chips too. All in all I think I have to look seriously at the other manufcaturers now, which is a shame because I do like the cypress products.


      It seems to me that there must be an accountant in charge of developer support, rather than an engineer. Low cost and dev kits and free high qaulity development tools (IDE, Compiler etc) would have a significant benefit to chip sales!