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    for use w/_write(), how to create new FILE object for use with fprintf

      I've over-ridden the _write() function so that printf output is directed to a device (one of several UARTs) of my choosing.  The _write() method takes a file descriptor int which is used to specific which device the output is bound for.  


      However, I have several 'devices' that I'd like to send output to with fprintf, thus think I need to create a FILE object and set the file descriptor.  Unfortunately, calling fprintf with my own FILE objects is resulting in a call to _write().  I've even tried to copy stderr as follows without success.


      Any ideas?






      main() {


      FILE fobj;


      memcpy(&fobj, stderr, sizeof(FILE))


      fobj._file = FD_UART_2;




       } // main




      int _write(int file, char *ptr, int len) {


        LED_Y_Write(~LED_Y_Read()); // how I know its not getting called w/fprintf




      switch(file) {


        case stdout: 


        case stderr :


        UART_1_PutArray(ptr, len); 




      case FD_UART_2 : 


        UART_2_PutArray(ptr, len);




        } // switch


      } // _write