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    Internet connected PSoC3


      Hey guys,


      I've built an internet connected PSoC device,based on the ENC28J60 chip.This is a webserver(fully working,and quite robust.) and also a webclient(this part isnt flawless yet.),and can also support DNS,UDP TX/RX,so NTP,WOL etc can be easily built in.


      My code is hosted at my github account,and currently the webclient part is untested,but the rest of it,inclusive of DNS works fine.


      I havent posted up screenshots or network traffic captures,but I shall do so soon.


      The code is built really modular,and can be expanded and customized with ease.Its also heavily commented,so newbies can play with it too. :-)


      I shall write out more documentation and examples soon too.Once I get the webclient working,I'll try make this a component.


      CODE - https://github.com/kmmankad/ENC28J60-PSoC3


      I'll end with some screenshots...




      And the working Ping:






      PSoC Rocks,







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