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    planning to migrate to CY8C29466

              Dear Forum,   
      I am planning to migrate to the CY8C29466 and would welcome suggestions and hints.   
      So far I've been working with the Invention Board and its CY8C27443. I have also used it to program the same chip on an external board via ISP. Software-wise I have worked with the included PSoC Designer version 4.0 build 865.   
      Since the Invention Board cannot program the CY8C29466 my plan is to buy the CY3210-MINIPROG1 evaluation.   
      My questions are:   
      - while the pinouts of the two chips seem to be identical, I was wondering what people's experiences are with drop-in replacement regarding existing designs   
      - software-wise, how problematic is the conversion of CY8C27xxx projects to CY8C29xxx   
      - as version 4.0 does not support CY8C29xxx and the latest 5.0RC doesn't include a free C compiler, are there any intermediate versions available that would support both?   
      - is the CY3210-MINIPROG1 sufficient?   
      - any additional hints?   
      thanks much,   
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                  Hello Sukandar,   
          - You can replace CY8C27443 by CY8C29466 without any problem.   
          - You do not need to do any major changes in the program.   
          - Which 4.0 version you are talking about? PD5.0 SP4? If you are talking about PD5.0 then I would like to tell that it is supported by all PD5.0 versions. These version support both parts. As far as compiler is concerned, Cypress is about to launch PD5.0 SP4.5 which will come with free ImageCraft compiler. It may get released by this week itself.   
          - Yes, miniprog is sufficient. To support ISSP, you must design the board accordingly. Please refer AN2014 to support ISSP.   
          Best regards,   
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                    Hello Sachin,   
            thanks much for your help.   
            I have not been using PD5.0SP4 but PD4.0 which came with the Invention Board.   
            Thru psocdeveloper.com I've been provided a link to PD4.4 which I just installed. This does not include a free C compiler though.   
            I realize that PD5.0SP4.5 with a free C compiler is about to be released but I would like to have something to work with in the meantime.   
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                      Please do not use any version on PD4.x. These are old versions. Please move to PD5.0 SP4.5 which has already been released. It is with free C compiler. Please download it from Cypress website.   
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                        Yeah, that was good timing! Just checked again this morning and saw it released.   
                But you know how it is when you read "will be released soon", so I had to ask for an intermediate solution...   
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                  Yes, you are right but I was not sure about release date. But I was sure that it is about to release.