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    Number of times STORE enabled

              Does the NVSRAM have a mechanism to count the number of times the "STORE" is enabled? If not, is there any way to count this?   
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                  Hi Frank,   
          The NVSRAM does not have any function for counting the number of times STORE is done. The STORE can be initiated in three ways:   
          1. AutoStore (Automatic Store when power goes off) - When system Vcc drops below VSWITCH (nominally 4.2V for 5V parts) the entire SRAM array will be stored safely into EEPROM in a maximum of 10 milliseconds, and the NVSRAM is unavailable to the system at this time. This operation is called an AutoStore in NVSRAM.   
          2. Software STORE (User triggered) - In case of Software STORE operation, STORE operation is initiated by Reading a specific sequence of six addresses in order, with no intervening access to other locations   
          3. Hardware STORE (User triggered) - If the HSB# (Hardware Store Busy) pin in NVSRAM is asserted during either Read or Write, a STORE operation will be initiated respectively. This is called a Hardware STORE operation.   
          Further, to save the number of STORE cycles, Hardware STORE and AutoStore are not triggered if no write has happened after previous RECALL operation. Therefore, in order to count the number of STORES to non-volatile memory, the occurrence of any of the above mentioned three conditions may be counted.