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    psoc creator failure

      Does anyone know solution to this problem. I aware it's "spaces not recognized in directory naming" kind.


      but in cyp3isrpatcher.exe arguments path there is no 'C:\program'


      C:\Program Files\Cypress\PSoC Creator\1.0\PSoC Creator\bin\cyp3isrpatcher.exe "E:/Desktop/Project3-Reentrancy example.cydsn/DP8051-Keil_Generic/Debug/Project3-Reentrancy example.omf"
      The application 'C:\Program' could not be started. Error: '%1 is not a valid Win32 application.
      The command 'C:\Program Files\Cypress\PSoC Creator\1.0\PSoC Creator\bin\cyp3isrpatcher.exe' failed with exit code '2147483650'.
      --------------- Build Failed ---------------

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          Is the "E Drive" a network drive?  I know in previous versions of PSoC Creator, you couldn't build your project from a network drive.  




          What version of PSoC Creator are you running?  Is it Beta 4.1?





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            Patrick Kane

            Does this mean if  I am saving my designs on external drive they won't work?

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              I don't think we had a problem on external drives (only networked drives).




              Either way, the problem has been resolved in the latest builds of PSoC Creator (Beta 4.1).  But not everyone always has the latest revision of the software, which is why I asked my previous question.





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                I've created new destination for desktop folder.


                So instead of standard C:\documents and settings\user\desktop I have (another local disk):\desktop


                That's all.


                This works for all applications I have without any problems




                Robert Seczkowski

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                  I have the latest revision beta 4.1.


                  Please concentrate on real issue:


                  Psoc is starting an application internally by calling it, like exec(), or system()(withing "C") or via shell


                  Simply there are brackets missing (I presume in shell type call) for directory name.


                  But funny thing is that on other computer the same software version is working well (this one has standard directories paths)




                  Robert Seczkowski