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    Idea for PD: matrix keyboard UM

              That would be very handy to have...   
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          can you offer more details of this user module? what functions would you have to have in it? what are the end products you will target it with?

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            Right now the PSoC Designer offers a good chioce when it comes to outputs but there isn't much done about the input and almost every single device has at least one such for human interaction either it will be a single button, few switches or a matrix it is always something that developers have to fiddle with.


            My proposal is to get something included in the PD. Probably a module acting similar to the 7-segment display - by selecting two ports and the number of horizontal and vertical lines one would be able to handle inputs from one up to 64 (8x8 lines) buttons or switches. Of course here comes the hardware as well. Incorporating the PWD with some simplified options just for the purpose could introduce the debouncing solution straight at the low level.


            What would help for? Pretty much for everything where some input switches are involved.