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    encore II - getting started (CY7C638x3)

      I'm beginning my first project using the encore-II USB Low-Speed CY7C63813, and I need help getting started.  I'm using PSoC Designer 5.1 (Beta2).


      I am designing a small HID keyboard peripheral (it actually only needs to send just a handful of key codes).  I've wired the chip up to the USB connector and loaded the most basic configuration I could think of, and I can't seem to get the device to register as HID when I plug it in to my computer.  I've searched all of the Cypress Design Support resources, as well as the internet, and I can't find a single example project that includes source code.  I couldn't even find a Technical Reference Manual for this part.


      I don't really need any help debugging my design -- I'm sure I could figure out the details.  I just need a starting point that plugs in and registers with Windows correctly.  A keyboard seems to be the simplest, most common application to use as an example.  Can anyone point me to a basic keyboard example project for this family of chips?

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          Hi Jeff,


          You can refer the HID example project for 3 button mouse that comes with our CY3655 Development kit. This is a good starting point for HID applications. You can download the example project from teh following link:




          Note: encoreII doesnt have a TRM since all the device details including register details are covered in the datasheet itself.





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            Thanks, Anitha.  However, I'm still stuck.  I did find an example mouse design, which writes the letters "U S B" on the screen using the mouse pointer.  I successfully loaded that onto my board, and it works great.  But I need to make a keyboard application, not a mouse.


            I need an example design to show me how to set up my HID report descriptors for a keyboard.  I couldn't find any from Cypress, but I found one example in the USB Device Class Definition for HID (downloaded from www.usb.org) in Appendix E.  So I added a second enpoint to the working mouse example, and copied the keyboard descriptor from Appendix E byte-for-byte into the USB Setup Wizard of my project.  However, every time I plug the device in to my computer, the HID device fails to install with an error code 10 (0xA) "cannot start".  The mouse endpoint still installs correctly and shows up under "Mice and other pointing devices" in Device manager.


            Perhaps if someone at Cypress could provide a working keyboard example design that installs correctly when plugged in -- I don't even need it to send any keys, just plug in without any errors! -- I'm sure I could continue designing my application after that.

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              Anyone else have any thoughts on this?