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    Package cross-reference would be an enormous help.

      Kiku and Graa et al.


      Back 5 years ago the packaging problem was simple, because your devices only came in a couple of packages. But now... Holy crow.


      The problem is that now we need to wade through umpteen data sheets trying to match a package to an app.  Not fun.


      I know that QFN is your basic package, but it would be a huge help to have a document -- a table perhaps -- that shows which offerings come in which packages.  This needs to cover PSOC1, 3, and 5.  My ideal doc would be a table showing device sorted by pin count by package type.  So I could quickly see which PSOC 3 devices come in a 48 pin SSOP and which PSOC 5 devices come in 48 pin QFNs, etc.


      Please put this on the doc list.