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    UART Receive data incorrect (sometimes)

       Hi all,




      I have a problem with the UART on the PSoC 5 and the CY8CKIT-001 development kit. What I am doing, is sending (Modbus) data via a serial to USB cable from the PC to the device. When using Realterm to send the data packet to the device, everything works fine, every time. However, if I send the data packet from a C# app using the .net SerialPort class, some bytes get scrambled at the device side. This does not happen every time, but actually most of the time. I used the same C# app on a PIC Modbus devce that I built, and it works fine every single time.




      I actually resorted to go to Java, using the RXTX library to send the Modbus packet to the device. However, the same happens from the Java app.




      How can this be, that the data gets to the device correctly when I am using Realterm, but when I am using any other custom app, some bytes get scrambled?


      Please help me with this