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    FX2LP using BULK transfer type in high speed mode lose data on laptop more than desktop in Windows XP SP2

      In our image processing system, the line frequency of linear CCD camera(512 pixel) is 1KHz(1ms),the image data is inputed in real-time to a laptop or desktop host on Windows XP SP2 by USB, The USB device use FX2LP(CY7C68013A) which work in slave FIFO mode.the data channel is endpoint 6 which is 4X512 buffer and Bulk transfer in high speed mode.The symptom is: if Host is a desktop computer,Bulk transfer lose data occasionally(very few!),if Host is a laptop(notebook computer),may lose data very frequently.Why???two host use the same OS-Windows XP SP2.

      If a computer (Laptop or Desktop) use a Intel ICH4 South Bridge as I/O Control Hub,BULK transfer of the FX2LP work well without any data lose!.If the Hub is above ICH6, the Desktop lose very few data,but the Laptop (i.e. Lenovo G450) lose data much more!

      we test it using EZUSB.sys and CYUSB.sys drivers in about ten Laptops and Desktops.