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    Datapath Configuration Tool


      Where is the Datapath Configuration Tool (Component Author Guide page 46) ?


      Best regards



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           Unfortunately, it's referencing a tool that we have not publicly released yet.  The Datapath Configuration Tool is scheduled to be released in PSoC Creator Beta 5 (the next release of the tool).


          You can still do a lot of customization today with the UDBs.  I great starting point is this blog posting: http://www.cypress.com/?rID=40410



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            Thank you for your very fast answer, but the fitter said that my design is full. (I need a 32 bit adder).





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              Can you be more specific on what you need the 32-bit adder to do?  The datapath can efficiently do a 32-bit add, but the operands generally need to be the data registers, accumulators and FIFOs within the datapath.  That is why I'm interested in understanding how the 32-bit adder would be used in your design.  With a bit more knowledge we may be able to advise you on how to get that implemented.


              Brad Budlong
              PSoC Sensei

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                 Dear Brad,


                I use a 18bit ADC (Fsampling = approx 200kHz), and I want to do a DC removal filter (high pass filter). I want to do a very simple IIR filter. I need:     


                • 32bit adder (accumulator)


                  32 bit sub      


                • 2^n arithmetic shift right      


                • Some rounding logic…      



                I know that there is a FIR filter, but doing an FIR high pass filter when Fc << Fsampling is not a very good idea because the tap number should be very large, and the group delay very important.     



                I think that the datapath is (maybe) ideal for this process, but… I don’t know how to program it…     



                Jean-Louis VERN


                P.-S. I apologize for my very bad English…     


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                   ... It would be nice, too, to implement the CORDIC  algorithm using the DATAPATH...

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                    Hello Everyone,


                    May be I am in wrong thread, but have a question about datapath:     



                     Is it actually possible to extract data path components such as (adder, PC, registers, ...) from a given instruction set? As I understood by using ADL (Architecture description language) such as EXPRESSION, LISA …, where you can define all instructions, it should be easily done.
                    Is it right, does anyone have an experience in this area?



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                      I might be wrong (please help) but all logic is created based on UDB blocks.


                      So You can't make miracles. All what is available is in the package modules.


                      Adder is not so You must do it by hand using what You have.



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                        Update on the Datapath Configuration Tool:


                        This tool is now available as part of the production release of PSoC Creator v1.0. You can download that software here: http://www.cypress.com/?id=2494


                        Once you have it installed, launch the Datapath Configuration Tool from the Start Menu of your computer by selecting: Programs -> Cypress -> PSoC Creator v1.0 -> Component Development-> Datapath Configuration Tool