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    CY3672-USB Hardware Programmer – Socket Program Error Checks!


      1. Make sure you use the correct socket adapter with the device in use. A list of the socket adapters and the corresponding supported devices is available at: http://www.cypress.com/?rID=44009


      2. Make sure you have download the latest version of the programmer software available at the same link: http://www.cypress.com/?rID=44009.

      3. Make sure there is good contact between device pads and socket pins. Please visually inspect the connections of the socket pins to the part pads.

      4. Check for proper Device Orientation. Pin 1 orientation is indicated by the symbol in the top right corner of the programmer.

      5. Make sure to select the device of interest from the device list. For example, to program CY22392, double click on CY22392 from the device list that is shown after starting the software. Leave the settings on default and click start in the CY22392F setting... pop-up window. The device driver is then downloaded into the programmer and prompts you to browse to your JEDEC file location. Check if the device shown on the programmer is correct and the device on LCD appears the same that you wish to program.

      6. Browse to the location where you stored your JEDEC configuration file and download it before hitting program.

      7. Click the program icon on the graphic user interface (GUI). You can hover over the different buttons with your mouse to find out other tasks you can perform and the purpose of each button.


      8. Make sure you are not using a jedec file programmed for a commercial grade part and using an Industrial grade part on the programmer


      9. Clear the Buffer on the programmer and upload the buffer again.


      10. Finally have the socket adapter checked from your FAE which has very less probability to be defective. HiLo can then be approached for further assistance.