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    stm32f2 to stm32f4 code porting in wiced SDK using target as SN8000



      In our project we are initially developing our firmware in SN8000EVK which uses STM32F205 MCU ,but finally we have to port this code to STM32F429 MCU (which is interfaced with SN8000 module). I am using WICED SDK v.2.4.1 .


      So what I'm planing to do is change the the MCU from stm32f2xx to stm32f4  in the \WICED-SDK-2.4.1\Wiced-SDK\Wiced\Platform\SN8000x and flash the code to SN8000EVK , I expect It should work because In some discussion I found that the STM32F2 and STM32F4 are pin & software compatible, the only difference is of the Floating point unit in STM32F4 (clock frequencies might have to be changed).


      Is this a right way of doing?



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