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    Is this the right solution to my application?

      I got a tip that Cypress PSoC could suit my needs. Now I have a few questions to ask.


      I have three signal channels all of which will receive a signal within one millisecond.. All the signals may arrive at the same time, or they may be offset by a maximum of one millisecond. I have to measure time from the first signal to each of the other two. Any of the signals may be the first to arrive.


      Measurement resolution should be at least 0.3 microseconds. It's also vital to know in which order the signals arrived. I'm thinking of getting the absolute time of the arrival of each signal so software could then check which was first and calculate the elapsed time. I'm, however, not sure if there is a better way.


      I was told that the digital blocks of Cypress PSoC might be a solution. But before I buy any development Kits and such I'd like to have some comments from the experts.


      Can this be done with Cypress PSoC?


      Should I select PSoC 5 or PSoC 4?