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    Using FX3 as host to request UVC data from a camera and output the data on the GPIF2

      I have a version of the FX3 that will accept YUY2 data from an IR camera to send the image to a PC. The same YUY2 data is also sent to an OLED for local display.


      We would like to be able to plug in a visible webcam (YUY2 ideally or MPEG output) and request the UVC data and output it onto the GPIF2 GPIO pins so that we can pass this to the OLED (or even mix teh IR and visible - but that's another story).


      All the info I can find is all regarding Image data to USB rather than USB to Image data.


      Can anybody point me to some examples?


      I want to use the FX2 as we would use it to output the IR image.