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    New EEPROM Supported



      Could ATMEL AT24C512BU2-UU-T  EEPROM  be@ supported on BCM20737?

      thank you.


      BCM20737 data sheet

      As follows:

      EEPROM Interface

      The BCM20737 provides a Broadcom Serial Control (BSC) master interface. BSC is programmed by the CPU

      to generate four types of bus transfers: read-only, write-only, combined read/write, and combined write/read.

      BSC supports both low-speed and fast mode devices. BSC is compatible with an NXP® I2C slave device, except

      that master arbitration (multiple I2C masters contending for the bus) is not supported.

      The EEPROM can contain customer application configuration information including application code,

      configuration data, patches, pairing information, BD_ADDR, baud rate, SDP service record, and file system

      information used for code.

      Native support for the Microchip® 24LC128, Microchip 24AA128, and ST Micro® M24128-BR is included.