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    Windows 8 native xHCI driver



      are there any problems by using an ivy bridge processor with native xHCI driver of windows 8 and FX3?


      I tried it already on two different computer (a notebook, and a desktop pc) and in both cases booting takes really long time. I tried it with the PMODE boot on I2C and on USB if failed. The I2C take at the beginning the VID PID and after that the application firmware will be uploaded through a driver with the same VID PID. All these things take longer than 12 seconds. I never had these issues by using older windows versions and or other USB3 xHCI stacks.




      thanks in advance,



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          Hi Lumpi,


          I am not sure whether we have tested our FX3 device functionality with the system specifications that you have mentioned in your post. I will check internally and update you.




          sai krishna.

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            I have some updates on this post....




            The desktop pc works pretty fine, had just trouble with the cable connection so it was just connected through USB2.0 HS. That works now fine for us with a desktop pc when connected to USB3.0 SS. But why is it so slow through USB2.0 HS? It seems that the transfers take really long time compared to USB3.0.


            At the notebook I have still trouble. It works now better by deactivating the c-states in the bios of the notebook, but sometimes it is still really slow. Wired is, that after a reboot of windows 8 it has a different behaviour by booting FX3.