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    Development Board for EZ-USB FX3 USB 3.0 chip Information

      When will the development board information be released?


      I understand there are many more important customers in line for this development board, but with the development board information perhaps we smaller fish can get started up the learning curve.


      Even if I can't purchase 5 chips now, I can get the design process going so when chips are available we will be further ahead. Better still, are there "solder samples" available in the same FBGA form factor so we can work out manufacturing issues now?


      Anybody else in the same boat I am in? I know everyone is clamoring for these devices; just keep in mind where the true innovation happens, more often than not it isn't in the labs of the corporate giants but in the labs of the smaller innovators, in the Universities; anywhere innovation is enabled.


      Throw us a bone why don't you?




      David W.


      Melbourne, Florida