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    Problem with tuning Digital Filter 2.0



      The Filter_SampleProject contains an example for the use of the Filter component. This project works properly. But if I try to change the parameters of the filter it doesn't work.


      For example: I want to design a Band Pass Filter with band 0.7-0.9 kHz .




      In the Filter_SampleProject I've changed parameters:




      Sample Rate [ksps]: 22


      Filter Stages: 1


      Filter Gain: 3 dB


      Fiter Class: FIR


      Filter Tipe : Band pass


      Window: Rectangular


      Filter taps: 64


      Centr: 0.8 kHz


      Bandwith: 0.2 kHz


      It doesn't work.




      If I guess (but I'm not sure!) the problem is with the Filter coherency. In the Filter_SampleProject this paraneter is : Filter_COHER_REG = 0x55;


      I've read Filter's Datasheet and Registers TRM but there are any information how to calculate Filter_COHER_REG.


      Could you help me with this problem, please?

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