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    FX3 application for both Linux and Windows



      I was successful in developing my own PC application communicating with the FX3 in Linux, thanks to the cyusb library, which I could use while linking.


      However I would like to make an application that can also be compiled with mingw and communicate with the Fx3 from Windows  without major changes. Unfortunately the application software demonstration that Cypress gives for Windows is not related to the Linux ones in any way, the library is called CyAPI instead of cyusb, and it is based on Visual Studio instead of mingw, whose I'm more familiar with.


      Is it thus even possible to use the cyusb library on Windows just as it is used in Linux ? Or if this is not possible, the other way arround, use CyAPI in Linux ? What is the most confusing to me is the library mismach between both platforms.


      Thanks in advance and best regards.