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    Example for streaming PCM audio using wiced_audio.h ?

      Summary Issue or question:

         can we see an example using wiced_audio.h functions to stream PCM audio to the 8533 dac?  There was a demo/audio example in previous (2.4.0 beta) SDKs but it is missing in 3.X SDKs.  The bt_audio demo does not provide a guide.

        or an example using the buffers provided by the new wiced_audio.h api, though the implementation looks incomplete.


      Example code to recreate the bug

           the 2.4.0 audio alpha had a  demo/audio/audio.c example that was useful, but the API has changed in 3.X

      SDK version

          was in 2.4.0, missing in 3.1.X

      HW Platform (if it is a peripheral or MCU issue)


      Development environment usually agnostic, but needed if you have a installer or toolchain issue)


      Log/console output (if needed)


      Sniffer trace (if needed) as an attachment.