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    the img size and 24lc256 eeprom


      The eeprom used on FX3 DVK is 24LC256, which is only 32KB, however, I found that even the minimum .img file size is over 120KB!! Is there a way to minimize the .img file size? If no, why Cypress used 24LC256 on the DVK board??

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          Hi Wudpeker,


          the 120kb is likely the lessest size. You may can use compiler optimization to reduce code size. You can change the I2C eeprom on the board, it should have a IC socket or you may use the 4Mbit SPI flash which is also on the dvk board.


          The small eeprom is enough to tell the FX3 a customer specific VID and PID and to save some variables, but you may not really get such a huge I2C eeprom to save and load the application file. What you can also do with the I2C eeprom you can put on a bootloader for FX3, the bootloader is way lesser than 32KB in release version.




          hope this helped you out...





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            I see, thank you. I am going to change it to 24LC1024.