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       While going through the document on Charge Controller, I came across PowerPSoC. Can anyone tell me what is the difference between PSoC1 and PowerPSoC? Do they both have the same core?

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          Indeed are the Power-PSoCs family members of PSoC1 with an MC8-Core. Additionally they contain some sense-amplifiers and dirve outputs for directly controlling medium currents or driving MOSFETs for higher current requirement. I Suggest you to open one of the application notes here:http://www.cypress.com/?id=2308&rtID=76




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            When you have a look at the datasheet for a power-PSoC you'll see that there is a complete block that is dedicated to the power-peropherals here.      So it might be that you'll have to add some driverts and glue logic to a PSoC1 chip to get what you desire...


            Of course you can use any algorithm written in C on any other PSoC as long as there is no special hardware involved. Where did you find the mentioning of MPPT in the appnotes?





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              PowerPSoC can be seen as 'PSoC1 + Power peripherals'. The Power peripherals are mainly FETs, Gate drivers, Hysteretic controller, Current Sense Amplifier, dedicated Comparators and DACs.The other part[PSoC1] has the digital and analog capabalities of a typical PSoC1.

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                MPPT - http://www.cypress.com/?rID=39126




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