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    Wake up from Deep Sleep






      I have been having concerns about the sleep modes on PSoC. How do I know if a device is ready to be put to sleep? I tried calling CySysPmSleep() but the current still reads about 18mA.




      The current reading if I call CySysPmDeepSleep() reads 0mA (have not gotten an accurate reading but at least this seems in the ballpark of what is written in the documentation) but I am unable to wake up the device from deep sleep. If I use debugging, then the device does not seem to go into deep sleep and is back at 18mA.




      I am trying to trigger the interrupt through an I2C slave device which sends a pulse when certain conditions are met. I can confirm that the pulse is being sent because I have read the pulse using an oscilloscope. I tried to read the pin that it goes into the PSoC but am consistently getting a value of 0V and no sign of a pulse.




      I have also tried using a switch instead of the I2C but am still getting a problem.




      Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.