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    sflash write

      I am trying to test the sflash wiriting capabilities of wiced.  The tcl script gives an "example" usage:


      # source [find mfg_spi_flash/write_sflash.tcl]

      # sflash_init "BCMUSI11-SDIO-debug"

      # sflash_write_file "example.bin" 0x10 "BCMUSI11-SDIO-debug" 1

      # shutdown


      However, the first line causes TCL to retrun "FIND: Parameter format not correct"


      How do I adapt these scripts for my platform?

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          Sorry for the delayed response, could you confirm what are the exact steps that you are trying to do to run the tcl script. I believe there is a typo in the comment section, instead of sflash_write, it is write_sflash.tcl

          source [find  sflash_write.tcl]


          Let us know if you were able to resolve this issue.




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            This gives me the error wrong # args: should be "source ?-encoding name? fileName"


            I am not particularly concerned about this at the moment, as I have a workaround, but it would be nice if posted instructions worked.

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              i'm not sure what you are missing, did you run tclsh sflash_write.tcl , in the same directory where the tcl script is present and got the above error ?

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                The sflash_write.tcl requires that you have the waf.sflash_write application running on the MCU, because it issues commands to the application to write the flash and the application respond to the command by writing in to the flash. The sflash_write.tcl script is also meant to run through OpenOCD. for more details have a look at tools/makefiles/wiced_apps.mk to find how we issue the flash write commands.




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                  Thanks. I will look into that when I get a chance.