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    Register with CyberClocks Online software – It’s FREE…..


      Check out the devices that can be configured using CyberClocks Online software. The devices listed are usually Programmable, Reducing EMI, Spread Spectrum clock generators.


      Web Addresses for CyberClocks Online software are:


            https://www.ss4emi.com/WebClocks/Login.aspx (Main)


            http://www.cyberclocksonline.com/ (Additionally Reserved)


      Register using the Register Button for New Users.


      Click Configure Devices for the devices that can be configured when you are in Main Menu. If your desired device is not listed, you will find a Check box in the MyAccount section to select providing your Local FAE initials. Select your Local Sales Representative from the list at the following link:




      From your Local Sales office you will receive the Initials of your Cypress contact or FAE.