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    Use of the Cypress Microsoft Certified USB UART Driver

      I saw that these wonderful certified drivers take care of the few issues that were found with the Windows standard USBerial drivers.
      The drivers though have two inf files, and there is no direct information on how to use them. I am thus posting these steps:

      1. There are two inf files associated with the device: CypressUsbAndBus.inf and CypressSerial.inf. The device when comes up the first time, attach it to CypressUsbAndBus.inf file. This file has the PID_VID details of the device. These drivers are signed for VID_PID: 04b4_0003/0005/0008. During development to use these drivers with a Windows OS, you need to use these PID_VID only, as you cannot use an unsigned driver (When you change the inf file the signature is lost). So in your device, please program the PSoC with PID_VID 0003/0004/0005_04b4. The example project has a VID_PID of 04b4_F232. Do take care that you cannot use these PID_VID combination for your end product without Cypress's approval.

      2. After the device is bound to CypressUsbAndBus.inf file, the device is recognized as Cypress USB to SERIAL adapter in the device manager. A New Hardware Found pop-up window appears again. Use the second inf file CypressSerial.inf file. The device will enumerate as a Cypress Serial device, with an associated COM port number alloted by the drivers and OS.

      Remember to use the right inf file. Windows 7 , amd64 - 64 bit system, x86 is 32 bit system. Rest is trivial. :)