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    Exporting PSoC creator projects to uvision

      I have been facing issues lately when exporting PSoC creator projects to uvision. For the exact same projects that used to compile and run fine before are not working anymore. One of the symptoms that happened is that the cursor does not run to main although it is setup to do so when in debug mode (in uvision). The cursor would remain stuck in the reset routine. It seems to be an issue due to the latest MDK update. I am using the CY8CKIT-042-BLE Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Pioneer Kit. I have been following the step by step export instructions in the Cypress reference manual but I am still facing the same issue. Some of the steps don't seem to map one to one, it seems that they are targeted for previous versions of MDK. I did also try a full reinstall of all tools and uvision drivers to no avail.
      I would appreciate your help on the issue.