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    CX3: Adding new windowed resolution for camera sensor

      I am having some issues trying to add a new windowed resolution with the FX3 SDK.  We are using the CX3 dev kit by e-con systems.


      In the Cypress EZ USB Suite, I am able to import a project and get the camera running, but I am having some issues adding new resolution settings.  I'd like to use the maximum resolution, but at an unusual aspect ratio.  The camera is the OV5640, which has a max resolution of 2592x1944, but I'd like to use this at a 6:1 or 4:1 aspect ratio.  I'd like to do this so that we can get higher frame rates at the max resolution.


      When opening the ".cycx" file, I can see the settings, but the file is not editable.  Is there a way to add a new resolution entry to this file?  It looks like it is locked or something.  Any help or hints would be great.


       I've attached screen shots of the issue.   The + and - buttons to add configurations are locked out for some reason.