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    Pb with PSoC Designer 5.0 (system design mode) and non-US decimal separator

              My project uses a setpoint region temperature valuator, with a point set at 30 degC   
      When generating the application I get multiple errors and the project is not generated.   
      In the FunctionParamDecl.h file, lines referring to the valuator look like :   
      #define ID_pse_valuator_1_m40,00_to_30,00_C_VALUE 0   
      #define ID_pse_valuator_1_30,00_to_125,00_C_VALUE 1   
      which are incorrect in C langage (inexpected commas).   
      This is because the implicit decimal separator used in some non-US countries, e.g. French, is a comma, not a point.   
      One solution is to make Windows change the implicit decimal separator when running PSoC Designer, but this is tedious and prone to forgetting.   
      Question : is there a workaround currently available in PSoC Designer ?