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    Operational Temperature Range Limits Application

              The CYRF7936 have a operational temperature range from 0 to 70 C. Will this limit the use in outdoor applications? Can it operate at lower temperatures?   
      Also, can you buy a hardware module using the CYRF7936(where), similar to the wirelessUSB modules?   
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                  Hi Robert,   
          The commercial temperature range (0 to 70) is the only range that we test our CYRF7936 transceiver for. Operation below that range is not guaranteed.   
          We have two third party module vendors, Unigen and Artaflex, who are currently sampling modules based on CYRF7936. I would get in touch with them.   
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                    Hi Sherif!   
            I have a question concerning temperature range too. Are you going to release an industrial version of the CYRF7936 with wider temperature range. I heard it was on the roadmap for the product at one time.   
            Best regards   
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                      Hello Marcus,   
              As of today, the CYRF7936 only supports commercial temperature range. However, I understand that the Marketing team is evaluating the market requirements for industrial range. Provide the following details (or PM me), and I will forward them to the Marketing team. However, there is no specific time line or guarantee for this as this is still in the evaluation stage.   
              1) Customer's name and contact details   
              2) End Application   
              3) Estimated Annual Volume   
              4) Planned prototype/production dates   
              5) Exact temperature needs (is the cold side of commercial temp good enough, or is it the hot side, or extension is needed both sides?)