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    Difficulty in Debugging

      I am experiencing this error while trying to compile my main.c. After consulting the IDE Guide and user manual I have found very vague explanations of this error. I hope you can throw some light on this. I use PSoC designer 5.0 SP4 and CY82C29466-24PVXI   
      The error message is as follows:   
      Generating test2 project...   
      Starting MAKE...   
      creating project.mk   
      process_begin: CreateProcess((null), cpsoc.exe --msgdisable=845: off --asmlist --errformat --chip=CY8C29466 --WARN=0 --OPT=asm,9 -C -q -I./lib -IC:/PROGRA~1/Cypress/Common/CY3E64~1/tools/include/CY8C29~1 -Olib/obj/adc.obj lib/adc.asm, ...) failed.   
      make (e=2): The system cannot find the file specified.   
      C:\PROGRA~1\Cypress\Common\CY3E64~1\tools\make: *** [lib/obj/adc.obj] Error 2   
      test2 - 1 error(s) 0 warning(s) 11:17:58