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    Access variable declared in C from asm.

      If I have a variable declared in a C file as;   
      volatile long seconds;   
      and want to access that from a timer interrupt ISR in asm to increment it, how do I go about that?   
      The compiler is complaining about not knowing what seconds is in the asm file (undefined symbol). So how can I define it in the asm file?   
      At the moment I'm doing something like   
      and F, 0x00 ;   
      inc [seconds] ;   
      jnc _end ;   
      And the same for each subsequent byte [seconds+1, 2 & 3].   
      Is this the "right" way? Or is there a better way?   
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                  For accessing a C variable in assembly, you have to add an underscore before the variable. The code should be   
          inc [_seconds]   
          Some more points to remember.   
          1. The variables in PSoC Designer are in Big Endian format. So, to increment the LSB of seconds, use [_seconds + 3]   
          2. If you are dealing with a device with more than 256 bytes of RAM, you may also have to set the CUR_PP register to point to the currect RAM page. Check out the document on Large Memory model in the Help >> Documentation section of PSoC Designer for details about.   
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                    Thanks Ganesh.   
            I've got to look in to the CUR_PP register stuff because although it compiles it doesn't seem to be incrementing the seconds variable.   
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              There is one more approach you can try. This is to define the variable in assembly and then access it in C. You can place the variable in RAM Page-0 so that inside the interrupt, you do not have to change the CUR_PP register. Below is the procedure.   
              1. In the Timer ISR, define the variable like this.   
              area InterruptRAM(ram)   
              seconds: BLK 4   
              This will place the seconds variable in Page-0. Make sure that you place the above instructions inside the custom user code area in the Timer's ISR file   
              2. To access this variable from a C file, add the following declaration either in a header file that is included in the source file or directly in the source file   
              extern long seconds;   
              Now you can access the seconds variable in C as well. Also, as the variable is now placed in Page-0 and as all the memorey operations are by default done on Page-0 inside an interrupt, you can access the variable inside the ISR without changing the CUR_PP register.   
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                        That works a treat, thanks!   
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                  You are most welcome