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    psoc3 ECC flash question

              I want to use the 8k ECC flash to store some user information. And from the data, it seems tha the user cannot program it directly, one has to program 32 byte at a time with the orgirnal row that extra 32 bytes is linked to.   
      My questions is   
      1. Is there a way to program the those ECC flash directly?   
      2. If it has to program with the row that it links with, does that mean we have to copy the first 256 byte from the row into the latch and then append the 32 bytes and do a write flash?   
      3. Is there a way to read more than 32 byte ie say 256 byte of the ECC flash in one go?   
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                  A similar question was posted to PSoC Developer, and was answered by user 'NLaksh'. I've pasted that posted into this forum to capture the information here too, since not everyone reads both forums.   
          NLaksh's post is below (    http://www.psocdeveloper.com/f...opic.php?f=42&t=6451)    
          You could use the API CyWriteRowConfig available with the PSoC Creator. Please refer to the "System reference Guide" for info about this API. Since ECC is just a Flash, you have to write all the 32 bytes. I believe this API will handle the reading of the row, writing the changed byte along with the row. I am not sure about the API handling but this API is what you need to use for ECC writes.