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    Interfacing to a 32 bit data bus

              I would like to interface an NVSRAM device to a 32 bit microcontroller data bus. Is it allowed to use two 16-bit CY14B104NA-ZS45XI nvSRAM devices in parallel in order to interface with a 32-bit microprocessor data bus? Is there any design considerations to be followed for this approach?   
      Thanks in Advance for any help.   
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                  Hi Frank,   
          It is acceptable to use two 16 bit nvSRAM devices for memory width expansion by putting them side by side and accessing them together. The control signals (CS#, WE#, OE#) of one of the nvSRAMs should be tied to the control signals (CS#, WE#, OE#) of the other nvSRAM and connected to the controller's CS#, WE# and OE# lines respectively.   
          It is also recommended to pull up WE# line using a 5.6K ~ 10K pull up resistor.Pulling CS# and OE# lines is not necessary for the nvSRAM design although it is common design practice to pull control signals.