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    My image won't come up in App mode, but others will

      I have a Smart Tag that I've been using for development. I'm building an image that acts as the central device for Wiced Sense Kits, connecting to several kits and relaying notification and advertisement data over the PUART.


      My image doesn't work in App mode. Instead, the device starts emitting a lot of what appears to be trace data over the HCI UART. I get about a 3 second burst of data every approximately 5 seconds. I'm reasonably sure my app isn't running and causing it because I'm not using any of the trace functions.


      I know app mode will work if I set SW4 appropriately because I've loaded and tested other images (the PWM tones image is useful because it's very easy to hear that it is working).


      -> Why isn't app mode working for me?

      -> What is coming over the HCI UART?


      I've attached my source.

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