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       I am getting the following error when trying to build a PSOC3 project.



          *** ERROR 201: INVALID SYNTAX   
          The command 'LIBX51.exe' failed with exit code '3'.   
          Any help welcome.   
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          Does this happen for every project you try to build?  I'm trying to better understand if you can build the example projects, but your projects fail, or if all fail.





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            I have posted a simlar problem on a different board, and it probably should have been put here...




            Last night I made an important breakthough. It appears that in the Beta 5, linking is done in two steps; first a bunch of ojbect files are put into a library file, then that libarary file is included with a bunch of other object files in a call to the linker.




            At least one problem is that when PSoC Creator generates the command line to LIBX51, it doesn't put quotation marks around the destination path, so if you have a path that includes spaces, it will cause the syntax error. I copied/modified/pasted the generated command line into a DOS box, and the librarian worked correctly.




            I am still having problems with this, but I think that I can compile a project, then manually link it... until Cypress can fix this.




            I hope this helps,



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              As long as I am talking about how PSoC Creator generates command lines to the compiler, librarian, linker, and others, I should add these to the list...




              There is inconsistent use of forward and back slashes, single and double quotation marks, and full and relative file paths.