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    miniprog3 suddenly failed

      I have one chip connected with address 04. I can't communicate with it via I2C although I am able to program it.


      During I2C session response alwas is FF-


      I conclude miniprog3 failed, because I't worked with several chips in the morning, but now it don't wiht neither of them.


      ALso there is a strange device listing. Can someone try listing devices connected.


      Miniprog3 device listing (using List button:


      Devices list:  8bit  7bit
           address:  0C    06
           address:  0E    07
           address:  1A    0D
           address:  26    13
           address:  32    19
           address:  3E    1F
           address:  4A    25
           address:  56    2B
           address:  62    31
           address:  64    32
           address:  70    38
           address:  7C    3E
           address:  7E    3F
           address:  8A    45
           address:  96    4B
           address:  A2    51
           address:  AE    57
           address:  BA    5D
           address:  BC    5E
           address:  CA    65
           address:  D6    6B
           address:  E2    71
           address:  EE    77
           address:  FA    7D