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    NFC doubt

      Hi all,

      on broadcom blog portal I can read about Wiced Sense DevKit: "It supports iBeacon technology, the latest wireless charging standards, Near Field Communication, and can get over-the-air firmware updates for future upgrades."

      Ref: http://blog.broadcom.com/wireless-technology/bluetooth-smarts-killer-app-it-could-be-built-on-broadcoms-new-wiced-sense-devkit/

      Can anyone explain what does it mean "Near Field Communication" ?

      The WicedSense can read a small NFC tag and then notify/comunicate it via BLE to a smartphone ?

      Thanks in advantage!



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          It may be cumbersome for some customers to "press and hold for 5s", wait for the "blue LED to flash quickly", ensure the other bluetooth device is "searching for other devices", and enter "0000 for the passphrase" just to pair, for example, a new headset to the phone. And so instead of doing that, we use NFC technology to do all the above....


          To know more about NFC, you may search the public domain such as the wikipedia for a more detailed explanation of this technology.

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            Potentially, it means that your nfc-enabled phone can tab the nfc-enabled sense product, and now it is already paired and connected in bluetooth.

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              Thank you very much boont,

              all right.

              Have a nice day!