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    Select Debug Target empty



      I have a CY8CKIT-014 Psoc 5 First Touch starter Kit and a CY8CKIT-001 PSOC development kit. I have installed the necessary drivers and program on my computer but I cannot program the Psocs as the "Select Debug Target.." menu  is constantly empty. I have first installed the drivers from the CDs, but also from the website to make sure they were up to date.




      I saw another post on this problem but the fix suggested did not work for me. I made sure the psoc was on before plugging in the miniprog3, and the problem is also there for the smaller Psoc 5 from the starter Kit (which does not require the miniprog3). I have reinstalled the drivers and programs several times now and restarted my computer too. My computer runs under Windows 7-64 bits.




      Would you  have any suggestions?




      Thank you very much,