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    Free PSoC Designer Webinar Tuesday (14-June)

      Hello PSoC1 Developers

      Tomorrow, as part of our continuing series of free PSoC webinars, we are hosting live one-hour training sessions to introduce you to the tools, walk through a live demo, and tell you about other resources you can use to get the most out of PSoC.

      These are free events and registration is not required. To join, please navigate to http://www.cypress.com/?rID=51939 and click the entry for tomorrow's presentation.

      See you there!
      Paul Clark
      Product Marketing Manager
      Cypress Semiconductor

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          Just a wee heads-up:  the link for the event on June 22nd takes you to the wrong event. It takes you to the event for Wed 15th. ;-)


          Will these events be recorded? I'd love to attend, but they are not at very UK-Friendly times. If my maths are correct, tuesdays PSOC Designer course is at 3AM UK Time and the wed 22nd Event is 17:00 UK Time. I'm assuming that PDT is 8 Hours behind the UK, which is currently on GMT+1 (British Summer Time, BST).





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            Hello Kenny


            Thanks for catching that. We'll have the meetings updated on the WebEx server as we approach the next event. We're using the same WebEx meeting number for each event, and that's having a few unintended consequences.


            We will be recording the events in the near future, but for now they will be live-only. We apologise for the inconvenient timing, but next quarter we will better schedule for the UK as well as the rest of Europe.


            Thanks for your interest.


            Paul Clark