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    PSoC 3 Kits Updates: New PSoC 3 Development Kit Available with Production Silicon!!

      A new PSOC 3 development kit is available NOW: CY8CKIT-030 (www.cypress.com/go/cy8ckit-030)


      This kit enables you to evaluate, develop and prototype high precision analog, low-power and low-voltage applications powered by Cypress’s CY8C38 high precision analog device family. Additionally, this kit supports the PSOC Expansion Board Kit ecosystem as a compatible host platform.


      CY8CKIT-030 is equipped with our PSoC 3 production silicon.


      This kit offers a lower cost option for PSoC 3 development compared to the PSoC 1/3/5 DVK (CY8CKIT-001 www.cypress.com/go/cy8ckit-001).


      Also, kindly reminder that The PSoC 3 Processor Module (CY8CKIT-009), PSoC 1/3/5 DVK (CY8CKIT-001) and PSoC 3 First Touch Kit (CY8CKIT-003) are currently equipped with ES2 silicon.  Our Production silicon is now available, and we would like to offer our customers the opportunity to upgrade their Kits with our production silicon.  This upgrade is free of charge to our valued customers.

      More details to follow of how to obtain the upgraded modules.

      The upgraded module will be available starting 01-May. We will start processing orders shortly thereafter.