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    32 Bit slave FIFO Firmware won´t work

      I cannot get the 32 bit sync slave FIFO working. In 16 bit mode the firmware works well and transfers 120MB/s to the host with 16 packets per burst. But the 32 bit mode don´t work, no data is transferred and the CyFxSlFifoPtoUDmaCallback() is never called HW-breakpoint using J-Link debugger). I use a simplest hardware connection: A 100Mhz oscillator on PCLK. WR, CS, A0 and A1 pulled to low; OE, RD, and PKTEND pulled to high. But only the 16 bit mode works.
      How can I get this working? I use the beta 3 SDK. In the slave fifo appnote a cannot find a difference between 32 bit and 16 bit mode regarding the control lines.

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