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    Totally 9 PSoC 5 Parts Are In Production As To Nov 2nd


      On Oct 28th, we had the first 3 PSoC 5 parts open up for order entry, and as to today, Nov 2nd, we have 6 more open.




      To sum all, here is the list of PSoC 5 parts that are in production right now:


      1.    CY8C5246AXI-054: Opened on Oct 28th


      2.    CY8C5367AXI-108: Opened on Oct 28th


      3.    CY8C5568AXI-060: Opened on Oct 28th


      4.    CY8C5248AXI-047: Opened on Nov 2nd


      5.    CY8C5566AXI-061: Opened on Nov 2nd


      6.    CY8C5467AXI-011: Opened on Nov 2nd


      7.    CY8C5365AXI-043: Opened on Nov 2nd


      8.    CY8C5468AXI-018: Opened on Nov 2nd


      9.    CY8C5366AXI-001: Opened on Nov 2nd




      And the following 4 parts will be open by Nov 11th.


      10.    CY8C5368AXI-106


      11.    CY8C5567AXI-019


      12.    CY8C5247AXI-051


      13.    CY8C5466AXI-064


      *Note that these parts are all in 100TQFP pacakge.