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    PSoC Creator 2.0 is available NOW

      No need for early access program any more. This time PSoC Creator 2.0 is enjoying her graceful debut in public. Please click here for details.


      The following features are included in this new release:


      1.Keil µVision4 IDE Integration


      2. PSoC 5 Production Devices


      3. Static Timing Analysis


      4. Timing-driven routing (TDR)


      5. Annotation Wires and Terminals


      6. Concept Components


      7. Component State Reporting


      8. Live Start Page


      9. Multi-Application Bootloading


      10. New Components


      LIN Slave, Segment Display (for PSoC 5), Vector CAN, S/PDIF, External Memory (EMIF) and Sample/Track & Hold Components have been added.