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    CY3670 programming CY2907 - verify fails 60%




      It took some work finding  a programmer and adapter for the CY2907 (8pin). I could not find the listed adapter CY3907 but I eventually found a used adpater CY3094. No documentation but it had jumpers on the adapter to change for CY2907(14), CY2071A, CY2907(8) and CY2292


      I set it up for 2907(8) and was able to make 12 good ICs out of 25 (13 fails) 


      I ordered new blank ICs and so far the first 3 have failed verification. We cannot accept a 60%+ failure rate on these parts.


      When comparing saved JEDEC files of the errors they are mostly idendical to the good sample but there are small mistakes. I have tried changing COM port settings from 9600 to 57600 (also changed in PC port settings) but it does not seem to make any difference. I also got into advanced settings and lowered the receive and transmit buffer "to correct connection problems".  I could not find anything in the manual about Data bits, Parity, Stop, Flow and FIFO buffer. Does it matter how these are set on the PC?


      I'm hoping someone can help diagnose this problem without burning through too many parts.




      Thank you

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          Since few devices programmed correctly and other majority failed, the settings you have seem to be correct that are programming a few devices. Cypress can do a Failure Analysis on the failing ones.     






          I believe the devices you ordered are purchased from Cypress Authorized distributor or sales channels and you have your SO# (whenever required) handy for Failure Analysis creating a Failure Analysis case type for the same on Cypress Website.     






          The CY3094 socket adapter is obsolete and CY3097 socket adapter is the correct one to be used for the CY2907FX8. If you have CY3094 socket adapter please make sure the jumpers are on the connectors: J22, J27, J11 thru J15, and J24 thru J26.     






          Keep your COM port settings like Data bits, Parity, Stop, Flow and FIFO buffer as is and match the baud rate. The default is 9600 set both for your PC and the software, so you need not make any changes.     






          Please make sure you do the following from the programming perspective:     


          1. Select the correct serial port from Setup in the main FTG software tool bar. Click Auto      


          3. Select the device (CY2907F8) from Device list.      


          5. Insert the correct Device socket adapter (CY3097 or CY3094 with the correct jumper settings) for CY2907F8 and make sure is firmly connected to the programmer.      


          7. You need to make sure your power supply works correctly and is well into the plug of the


          9. Launch the CY_FTG.exe (V2.04) – you should not be working with any older version.      


          11. Finally, click Run      






          Please make sure the devices failing are blank. The CY2907F8 is one-time programmable (OTP). It cannot be reprogrammed a second time if it has already been programmed once.     






          You can attempt to program the device (with blank check enabled), the programmer reads the part to check if the device has been programmed before. If any row is programmed, the programmer will halt programming process with a complaint message that the device is not blank.     






          When the contents of your original file and the device content file are the same, you can try to overwrite the bits that have already been programmed and program any blank rows by first disabling blank check. After that, you can do "verify" and your part should pass verification and should work as expected.




          In summary, please try the following on failing devices:     


          1. Launch the CY_FTG.exe (V2.04)      


          3. Choose CY2907F8 from the Device List      


          5. Make sure the correct serial port is selected Click Auto      


          7. Uncheck Blank from the Auto (B/P/V) menu      


          9. Finally, click Run      






          If you then click verify, your device should pass verification. If not, create a Failure Analysis case type on Cypress Website by clicking on Support >> Technical Support >> Create a Case >> Failure Analysis (Under Create a MyCase section).     


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            Thank you for the reply!


            I did check for blank first and that is not the problem. I am using v2.04. Also at first the COM port was set at 9600 but the PC was set at 19200. This worked  and changing PC to 9600 seemed to make no difference. In both cases I received many errors but some passes.


            I tried to locate a CY3907 adapter but was unable to find, even calling Cypress sales.


            The CY3094 highest labeled jumper is J21. There are 7 other jumpers but these were modifications and there are no labels. Tracings were cut and jumpers installed. All but one has jumper installed and that one goes to pin that is not used for 8 pin IC

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              Jumper Settings for the CY3094 Socket are detailed in Cypress KB article for various other devices including the CY2907 at: http://www.cypress.com/?id=4&rID=27558     






              CY3907 is an invalid part number. The correct socket part number to order is CY3097. To check availability, you can choose from different Sales Representatives or Authorized distributor from a list available at: http://www.cypress.com/?id=1062&source=header.     






              You can send the failed devices for a Failure Analysis to Cypress by creating a Failure Analysis case. You can also have the programmer along with the socket adapter checked for any defects via sales and distributor channels that are positioned to assist you with programming along with third party assistance. There is a GP Clocks Third Party Programmer's List available at: http://www.cypress.com/?rID=14364 for programming assistance.