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    PSoC3 revision unclear



      I am thinking to buy the FirstTouch Starter Kit, but when i checked the webpage on this site, many people gave it a bad score. So i checked the errata document to find out why (hard to find). The errata document points to ES3/rev A where all problems should be solved. I checked all documents, but i can't find ES3/rev A. 


      So my question is, if i buy the Starter Kit from Digikey, how do i know that i buy the PSoC with ES3/rev A?


      Thanks in advance.


      Btw, why not reset the score if ES3/rev A is already is on the market, because everything has problems at the launch.



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          I've got a number of different Cypress-kits and although it is not the cheapest one, I would recommend the Kit001 because it is more flexible.You can choose between PSoC1, PSoC3 and PSoC5 as exchangeable processor modules, there'a a small LC-Display (2 Lines at 16 chars), CapSense buttons ... I really like that board!





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            Thanks for the reply. The kit (Kit001) you are talking about, is realy the best kit to have.


            The problem is, is that i don't need PSoC3 and PSoc5 yet. I was looking for a very simple kit with a PSoC1. The only kit that is still available on Digikey is the First Touch Starter kit (only 1 left) and that offers the high end PSoC3. I bit more than i was looking for, but still, with 20 bit ADC i am more than happy.


            The problem is, what i asked earlier, is that the revision is not visible on Digikey, and also, i can't find out what revision version the PSoC family currently is.   


            This makes me doubt.


            Greetings, Peter.

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               Peter, if you are looking for a 20 bit ADC then it is available only with PSoC3 and PSoC5.

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                All PSoC 3 kits are shipping with the production version of PSoC 3 (including the CY8CKIT-003). This version in the past was referred to as "ES3". For a short time we marked the devices with "ES3" on them prior to fully qualifying them. Now that they are fully qualified, there is no more ES on the device, nor is there an errata.




                The Digi-Key kit should be final (production) silicon. But since it's not being ordered directly thru Cypress, I can't be 100% sure (perhaps Digi-Key is selling a kit that's been on their shelves for two years). However, Cypress does have an exchange program for anyone that has old kits with "ES2" silicon on them. Details for this exchange program can be found here: www.cypress.com/go/psoc3kitupgrade.




                I hope that helps.