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    Decode Hex in Dec




      im from Germany and i begin with the Posoc board eval1 for a week. 


      I need help, cant find any code to decode hex in dec


      I´ll show my data on my lcd, but i cant




      Thanks for help

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          Welcome in the fscinating world of PSoCs!


          If it is too difficult for you to calculate Hex to dec, let the C-Compiler do the job:


          char Buffer[9];










          That will do the thing.


          Happy coding




          PS: It is rather late in Germany now...

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            How big of a number are you tring to convert. Signed or Unsigned?  Real of integer.


            I ways like the mod function  Assume unsignded int


            Digit1 =  VariableInHex % 10
            VariableInHex /=10;
            Digit10 =  VariableInHex % 10
            VariableInHex /=10;
            Digit100 =  VariableInHex % 10
            VariableInHex /=10;
            Digit1 =  VariableInHex % 10
            VariableInHex /=10;


            Put the digitd in an Array and make a loop 


            Int Digit[6];  //assuming 999,999 is large enough


            for( i = 0 ; i<6; 1++){
                Digit[i] =   VariableInHex % 10
               VariableInHex /=10;


            If you wanted a string the add an array of O 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9   and have the moded value point to the correct character







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              thanks for the support ;)


              but it not works they give errors


              here my code






              #include <m8c.h>        // part specific constants and macros


              #include "PSoCAPI.h"    // PSoC API definitions for all User Modules


              #include "_const.h"


              #include "stdarg.h"


              #include "limits.h"


              #define __STDLIB_H




              void main(void)










                 M8C_EnableGInt ;                            // Turn on interrupts 




                 SleepTimer_SetInterval(SleepTimer_64_HZ);   // Set interrupt to a


                 SleepTimer_EnableInt();                     // 64 Hz rate






                  unsigned char Buffer[9];


              int i=0x7f;




                  SleepTimer_SyncWait(64, SleepTimer_WAIT_RELOAD);










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                 Here the error code




                !E C:\Users\BA\DOCUME~1\PSOCDE~1.2PR\Gara\Gara\main.c(23): illegal statement termination


                !E C:\Users\BA\DOCUME~1\PSOCDE~1.2PR\Gara\Gara\main.c(23): skipping `unsigned' `char'


                !E C:\Users\BA\DOCUME~1\PSOCDE~1.2PR\Gara\Gara\main.c(23): undeclared identifier `Buffer'


                !E C:\Users\BA\DOCUME~1\PSOCDE~1.2PR\Gara\Gara\main.c(23): type error: pointer expected


                !W C:\Users\BA\DOCUME~1\PSOCDE~1.2PR\Gara\Gara\main.c(23):[warning] expression with no effect elided


                !E C:\Users\BA\DOCUME~1\PSOCDE~1.2PR\Gara\Gara\main.c(24): illegal statement termination


                !E C:\Users\BA\DOCUME~1\PSOCDE~1.2PR\Gara\Gara\main.c(24): skipping `int'


                !E C:\Users\BA\DOCUME~1\PSOCDE~1.2PR\Gara\Gara\main.c(24): undeclared identifier `i'


                !W C:\Users\BA\DOCUME~1\PSOCDE~1.2PR\Gara\Gara\main.c(26):[warning] [MISRA 2200]calling an undeclared function may cause unexpected behavior if the function 


                takes or returns values other than int


                !W C:\Users\BA\DOCUME~1\PSOCDE~1.2PR\Gara\Gara\main.c(26):[warning] [MISRA 2714]calling a function without prototype may cause unexpected behavior if the function 


                takes or returns values other than int


                !E C:\Users\BA\DOCUME~1\PSOCDE~1.2PR\Gara\Gara\main.c(29): type error in argument 1 to `LCD_PrString'; found `int' expected `pointer to char'


                C:\PROGRA~2\Cypress\PSOCDE~1\5.2\Common\CY110F~1\tools\make: *** [obj/main.o] Error 1

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                  You ougth to use the right location for your variable-definitions: i and Buffer may not be declared within your program, that is not tolerated by C.


                  and you have to


                  #include <stdio.h>


                  and delete that #define __std.. etc it will conflict with compiler-internals


                  Have a C-manual at hand http://publications.gbdirect.co.uk/c_book/ it will help you with ANY questions concerning C





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                    Oh, yes, I just see....


                    You are in the world of embedded microcontrollers now. They are built to run as long as there is power applied. so, your program just starts, does its job and then ends. What does "ends" mean in this context? The Program will start all over again!


                    so put (where your #defines should go to)


                    #define forever 1


                    and where you want to do the main-job (not the initializations, they are done only once)


                    while (forever)




                       // This is the main-loop that runs all the time








                    Happy coding