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    FX3 TRM and SDK



      I would like to use the FX3 for my upcoming FPGA boards (www.ztex.de).


      Unfortunately the informations I found on the Cypress homepage are totally insufficient.

      Please, can you provide me with the following information:
      * The Technical Reference Manual (at least a preliminary version)
      * The SDK package

      Regards Stefan

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          Hi Vikas,


          thanks, a development board would be very helpful. My distributor is SILICA/AVNET in Germany.


          In the FX3 firmware development I'm working closely together with a customer in USA. If possible,
          sending a development board to him would be helpful too.


          Please contact me at info%at%ztex.de if you need personal data (AVNET customer number, address ...)


          Regards Stefan

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             Hi Vikas,




            I woud like to buy development board with USB 3.0. I am working with FX2 now, and I want to switch to FX3.


            Could you contact me at aliaksandr.levanovich%at%regula.by




            Thank you


            Alexander Levanovich

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              Hello Vikas,


              Like Alexander and Stefan we use FX2 for our USB/FPGA based measurement tools and highly interested to switch over to USB3 in the future. Our distibutor has recently changed  to AVNET /Silica Germany.


              Please contact me at h.tabel%at%seskion.de for further information how to obtain a deleopment kit as soon as possible.





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                Send your request to our sales team. They will contact you directly.





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                  Hi Vikas.
                  Like Alexander and other we use FX2 for our devises (monochrome cameras and etc). Unfortunately Mouser could not help me in acquiring development kit.

                  Could you contact me at dinam2000%at%mail.ru or dinam%at%tdisie.nsc.ru


                  Regards dinam. 

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                    Unfortunately, we have run out of the initial series of DVKs due to high demand. The DVKs are currently expected to hit production sometime in Q4. I will announce on these forums when we have new DVKs available.




                    In the meantime, please fill out the attached form and send it to rags(at)cypress(dot)com.




                    Thank you for your patience. We are excited to see the various new applications that you design!







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                      Hi Anup,


                      Any update on the new DVKs becoming available?



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                        Hey Perry,


                        The final DVKs still haven't gone into production. I will announce in the forums when this happens. This should happen soon. Till then, you could get a head start on your design with the SDK (Software Development Kit) which can be found at www.cypress.com/


                        Till then, if an alpha DVK is urgently needed, please follow the instructions in my previous post, but please note that these are available only in very limited numbers.


                        Thanks for your patience!



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                          Hi Perry,


                          I run the design partner program. As part of my job, I support and promote 3rd parties building development kits and reference designs usign Cypress products. I will be able to provide the DVKs you need for your development. Likewise, I would like to discuss potential ways in which CY can leverage and promote your dev kits.


                          Please contact me at designpartners@cypress.com and we can carry this conversation further.